All Critters Pet Boarding Service provides a safe, fun, and stimulating social enviornment for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small farm animals. We will take care of your pet while you are away. To ensure the safety and health of your dog or cat, we require all guests to comply with the rules and regulations listed in the boarding information and enrollment application. It is important that you bring your own food and/or supplements. We offer a home safe space for your pet. Indoor and outdoor play-time is offered. Your pet must be non-aggressive to other animals. All dogs and cats must be neutered/spayed. All shots must be up-to-date, and must show proof. 

We look forward to meeting your pet soon!

(813) 418-9039



​Dogs under 20 lbs         $15 a day

Dogs over 20                $20 a day

Cats                             $10 a day

Small Birds                  $  5 a day

Large Birds                 $ 10 a day

Reptiles                       $  5 a day

Rabbits, ferrets, and small pets   $5 a day